Saturday, May 21, 2016

Devin Physique Scam

If you are into fitness and use social media, chances are you've heard of 24 year old Devin Zimmerman (real name) born and raised in Chino Hills, California by a single mother and two sisters. known as Devin Physique to the world.

With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, anyone with an account of this size can influence the masses however one chooses.

What gives someone the right to consider themselves a successful fitness model or personality in the industry? Is it the amount of covers one can land because of their physique? Could it be how many sponsors they are able to grab to help support them? Or is it the amount of money one can make between different modeling/ fitness gigs?

Everyone will tell you something different, but if there is one thing that is hard to disagree with, it’s the ability to promote and market yourself to others. Social media has begun to play a huge role in self marketing as an athlete, competitor, fitness model or personality in the Industry. These days, you don't need a modeling agency to help promote you, or a company to take you on as a sponsored athlete in order for you to be seen in the industry.  

The power of social media have help taken fitness expouser to the next level. Using mainly Intagram Devin Physique has been able to build his net worth up to $5 million at the time of this writing.

With this wealth, it has gained him access to some nice toys. Which includes a Ducati, Lamborghini Huracan, Nissan GTR, Ford Raptor.

How you ask? Well let us explain. On top of his own personal online training, he signed with a company called Shredz (Shredz Supplements) which is also called Shredz for her (for the females) to be a sponsor (Devin Shredz) that helps people find a reason to fight for their bodybuilding and weight loss goals, and gives them the supplements they need to reach them.

I've been lifiting weights for over 10 years, so I know that there are people who just started working out or have even trained for several years, but due to their ignorance will buy into the lies that are sold through supplement companies, and more recently, Instagram fitness celebrities, by the way, most of them do not know a thing nutrition nor are they qualified to sell meal plans. It's rather sad.

Do not get angry when we tell you this guy literally made millions selling these cookie cutter "meal plans". Some of us had known this for a while from close sources, but up until recently, when he fired his assistant for no reason, that she came out and exposed everything about Devin Physique. Below we have linked the video:

What she basically says for those that are too lazy to watch the entire thing includes:

- Devin, pays her to do his meal plan because he is absolutely clueless about nutrition himself.

- Only knows how to inject steroids/test into his cheeks. 

- Offers "personalized meal plans" and gets about 400 clients a month by email paying him $220 each. 

- Clients can also text him any time they want. 

- Hires the woman to pretend she is him, do all the meal plans, correspond with clients, including texting with an extra phone. 

- Pays her 20% of his profits and even takes some of his expenses out of her pay. 

- Does these fitness challenges that pay money, winners are always fake so doesn't actually have to pay anyone.

- Get's her to photoshop all his photos for him.

Shortly after this incident, Devin Physique made a video and came clean about his actions.

We are not sure what to think about the response. Was it genuine? You tell us...

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